P Gov Unit 4:  Civic Virtue: America Today

Hey College Ninnies - Grow Up!
Emory Students Fueling Trumpism
Banning the American flag?
Slacktivist Generation?

Death of Newspapers Could Kill Civic Values
How Google Distorts Your View of the World
Is the Cult of Personality President Permanent?
Don't Idolize Your 2020 Pick
The Core of Civic Virtue
Ta Nehisi Coates: Civic Virtue
Americans Don't Know Their History
Most of us would fail the U.S. citizenship test, survey finds
As Education Declines, So Does Civic Culture
Ignorance Does Not Lead to Election Bliss
Purging Jefferson
The Selective Laziness of Human Reasoning
An Encycopedia of Errors
Pew study finds Americans can't tell fact from opinion
Liberal News Media Bias Has a Serious Effect
What Media Bias?
Not A Very PC Thing To Say
The Coddling of the American Mind
Lets Take the Crony Out of Capitalism
Charles Murray's 'Provocative" Talk
Jonathan Haidt on Campus Rage
The Dying Art of Disagreement
Why Are Millenials Wary of Freedom?
Identity Politics Are Tearing America Apart
Debate Over American Symbols and History
Myths About Betsy Ross Flag
America's Symbols Belong to All Americans
The New American Divide
What Holds America Together
Cop buys Groceries for Shoplifter
U.S. Charity Statistics
The Most Generous Country is...

Jonathan Haidt:
The Coddling of the American Mind

WATCH: 3 great untruths to stop telling kids—and ourselves by Jonathan Haidt 2018

Remi Video:
Appeal To Emotion Fallacy

Jay Leno Citizenship Test

Debt Limit Guide
UNIT 4 RESOURCES: these are NOT assignments at this time.



“If men are to be precluded from offering their sentiments on a matter, which may involve the most serious and alarming consequences that can invite the consideration of mankind, reason is of no use to us; the freedom of speech may be taken away, and dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep, to the slaughter.”  -Washington, address to the officers of the Army, March 15, 1783
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Civic Virtue
and Western Civilization
Can YOU pass
the U.S. citizenship test?
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Periods 3 and 8: Finish reading Brave New World during this unit.
Review the BNW study guide.  The next test (second week of May) will have questions on the book.  Email me any questions you may have.

8. EXAM POSTED 5/14:

Study, then take the Exam from our google classroom page for your class period.  Please take the test by Tuesday May 19. 

7. WORK POSTED 5/12:  Unit 4 Test Thursday 5/14

Periods 3 and 8 take this QUIZ on media coverage of Trump's Covid response
posted on our google classroom.

STUDY FOR THE TEST.  Email me if you have questions!
Review  the notes packet.  Make sure you have watched all assigned videos. 

Extra Credit REVIEW ASSIGNMENTS due  5/14. You should absolutely use the review assignment to prepare and study.  You do not have to complete and turn in.  If you do, use the materials provided by this class to answer the questions.  If you copy-paste answers from google I will stop reading and give you no credit! 



Periods 3 and 8: review the Brave New World study guide and our assigned unit readings to prepare for the test..


Review pages 15-17 in the notes packet.
In the context of politics,bias means presenting information in a way that is meant to influence the conclusions drawn by the viewer or reader.  Keeping informed is a basic requirement of civic virtue and self government.  How do we know that our source is telling the whole story?  What if we gravitate to bias sources that simply confirm our own views? If we are in a confirmation bubble where we consume only biased information and opinion, how can we relate with people who think different from us? 

Bias is a huge problem and is getting worse.  My advise to you, Whitman Students, is always seek opposing views!  From opposing sources!  (Never leave it to a source on the Left to explain conservative positions, and vice versa).  Be consumers of information, but make sure you learn and try to understand views that are different from your own.  This does require taking time to do it right.  But no one said a republic is an easy form of government!  Watch both Fox News and CNN.  Read different perspectives from left leaning sources and right leaning ones:  www.realclearpolitics.com makes that a bit easier for us.  Use logic and evidence to come to your own conclusions.  Sometimes that might mean you'll agree with the "other" side!  Or you might see both sides have some valid points.  We're supposed to be Americans first, not soldiers for Team Red or Team Blue. OK here are your tasks:

The first short videos were made when the Trump-Russia collusion story dominated the media:

WATCH: 2017 Vox hits Fox News for doubting Trump- Russia collusion
WATCH: 2017 THR highlights Trever Noah attack on Trump and Fox News
WATCH: 2017 CNN interview with Trump adviser KellyAnn Conway
WATCH: 2019 Fox News show The Five on media collusion coverage

The second set of videos offer different perspectives about media bias:

WATCH: 2017 conservative Prager U vid on bias
WATCH: 2016 media bias explained on CNN
WATCH: 2019 CRS study on media bias
WATCH: Intro to Heterodox Academy

Periods 3 and 8: Read the following.  Two recent perspective on President Trump's handling of the Pandemic. Be ready for a QUIZ TUESDAY 5/12:

CNN: Trump's disastrous response to Covid-19 demands investigation
The Federalist: Media Blatantly Lying About Trump’s Coronavirus Response

Periods 3 and 8: EXTRA CREDIT:  Take the quiz on Chait's essay on PC

5. WORK POSTED 5/5: Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Periods 3 and 8 take this QUIZ on the Coddling of the American Mind

The next threat to civic virtue and self-government we will look at more closely is social division.  There have always been power structures in societies, in which some are privileged and others artificially disadvantaged.  This is also true for America, even though it goes against our founding principles of natural equality and natural rights.  Abolition, women's suffrage, and civil rights movements here were mostly based on realizing our founding principles, summarized by  Martin Luther King Jr: that we should be judged as individuals by the "content of our character, not the color of our skin" or other features we have no control over.  Today we are greatly divided between those who see MLK's call as the answer, versus those who demand "political correctness." PC defines you not as an individual but as a member of either a victim or oppressor group.  This affects issues of free speech, education, politics, and how we see and treat each other in society.  Can free speech and political pluralism survive in a "politically correct" society?  Review pages 17-19 in the notes packet.  Watch and think about these short videos: (warning: bad language on Vice). 

WATCH: How PC Culture is Affecting US Colleges 2015 CBS
WATCH: John Stossel - Campus Censorship 2015 Fox News
WATCH: PC at MTV: New Years Resolutions for White Guys 2017
WATCH: Conflict at Evergreen State College 2017 Vice
WATCH: Political Correctness Silencing Debate? | The View 2017
WATCH: Dave Rubin: Why I Left the Left 2017 Prager U

Periods 3 and 8: EXTRA CREDIT: Read the following.  It's another long reading but probably the best explanation of political correctness you can get.

EXTRA CREDIT READING: Not A Very PC Thing To Say 2015

4. WORK POSTED 4/30/20:

The next threat to civic virtue and self-government we will look at more closely is poor reasoning skills.  Review that section in the notes packet.  Our ability to deal with challenges in life, our ability to listen to other people with different opinions, and to comprehend reasonable versus invalid arguments, all have profound implications on the future success of free society.   Watch and think about these short videos: (warning: bad language on Bill Maher). 

WATCH: Jonathan Haidt:The Coddling of the American Mind (2018)
WATCH: The 5 most Common Logical Fallacies (2017)
WATCH: Remi Video: Appeal To Emotion Fallacy (2017 funny song)

Periods 3 and 8: Read the following.  It's long but very worth your time and remains a big topic today.  Read to end, don't skip common cognitive distortions. Be ready for a QUIZ TUESDAY 5/5:

READ: The Coddling of the American Mind 2015

3. WORK POSTED 4/28/20:

After you finish reading and thinking about the Unit 4 notes, we will consider some of the threats to civic virtue that we were warned about.  Let's start with ignorance: lack of knowlege.  Read the following and watch the video.  Do you think Americans are informed enough about politics and history to keep our republic?  What should we do to protect ourselves from the threat of ignorance?  I hope you email me your thoughts!

WATCH: Jay Leno Citizenship Test (2007)
READ: Americans Don't Know Their History (2008)
READ: Most of us would fail the U.S. citizenship test, survey finds (2018)
READ OR LISTEN: American Civics in the Time of Coronavirus (2020)

Can you pass the citizenship test?? Take it for fun.  I have faith in my students!

2. WORK POSTED 4/23/20:

Carefullt read the Unit 4 Notes: Civic Virtue Today.  It's advised that you write your own notes on looseleaf or type on a Word Document, but this is not required.  At the end of the unit you can email me these annotations for extra credit.


Go to google classroom and study the GOOGLE SLIDE PRESENTATION on the concept of the cult of personality.   This is our introduction to Unit 4. Your task is to watch.

Move to the next slide by clicking the right arrow on your keyboard. Click the vids to watch.

Read or watch any resources on this webpage, then write a summary and reaction of at least one page.